AlphaCool Wholesale

Full Color Retail Ready Packaging

Our eye-catching retail packaging is brightly color coded to clearly explain the power and versatility of AlphaCool™.

Shelf PDQs Available

Do you have a smaller retail location or have limited shelf space available? AlphaCool™ has smaller PDQ options available for you!

Personal Account Manager

AlphaCool™ prides itself in strong relationships with both online and brick and mortar retailers by offering on-call assistance for all sellers.

Here's how to sell AlphaCool in your store:

As many of you know we are the sister company of ActionHeat. We bring all wholesale emails into one email box. Please email with answers to the questions below:

SUBJECT: "Wholesale Inquiry - AlphaCool"

● Are you looking to resell products or simply looking to buy our products in bulk?
● Do you have a retail store? If so, what is the name and how many locations?
● Do you sell online? If so, please send links to your store's website.
● Do you sell on Amazon? If so, what is your store name?
● Where are you located?