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Who We Are

Founded over a decade ago, AlphaCool is a family-owned personal temperature control company specializing in innovative cooling products. Rooted in the mission to combat uncomfortable heat, our aim is to keep people cool, comfortable, and happy.

Our personal cooling technology sets us apart in this niche industry. From individual cooling devices to unique cooling accessories, we offer a wide range of solutions for heat-related discomfort.

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Why AlphaCool?

We're a family-owned business, pioneering in personal cooling solutions. Our mission is to improve your comfort, beat the heat, and enhance your everyday experiences. Customer-focused, we're dedicated to offering reliable and innovative products for your cool relief.

Our Background

We are a family business with a background in retail and a decade of experience in the cooling products industry.

When we build a product, we think about how it will fit and how it performs in every type of situation.

Safety & Certifications

We have partnered with many factories across the globe to provide the safest cooling technology available.

With rigorous testing and UL certifications, our products and systems are made from the highest quality cooling materials we can source.

Instant Cooling

Feel up to 20° cooler and regulate your body temperature anytime. AlphaCool Vests are designed to keep you comfortable.

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Reusable Relief

Say goodbye to sweaty, uncomfortable days and hello to refreshing, cooling relief with 360 cooling and high-quality airflow.

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Stay Refreshed

Keep yourself chill and refreshed all day long with AlphaCool towels. Just activate in cold water to feel hours of comfort.

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